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Meet The Team!

"We invest in people and build meaningful relationships. Together we help to make the world a better place"

The Directors

Kwadw(o) Naya Baa Ankh Em Re A'lyun Eil - Director of Vividity

Some call him Kwadw(o) and others call him Baa.

Kwadwo Naya: Baa Ankh Em Re A’lyun Eil is an Author, Director, Mentor and Life Coach (‘Transformational’), he is the founder of The Golden Child Promotions Group.

He has written over 40 books to date a mixture of non-fiction and poetry.

Kwadw(o) helps people to write books and to empower themselves through, training, coaching, consultation and mentoring services.

His VISION drives The Golden Team.

Mini Emoven - Entertainment Director & Events Coordinator

Cyrlene Braithwaite now known as Mini Emoven is a BA Honors Music Business Graduate. Her specialty is dealing with events management, artists and intellectual property rights.

She has a lifetime worth of experience which she passes on through, workshops, training, coaching, and mentoring.

She is a MASTER of that SPACE!

Minister Emoven 1715 is a valued Director of The Golden Team; she brings CLARITY and REALNESS.

Oluwafemi Akerele - Global Technology Director (Back End Web Developer & Technical Innovation Specialist)

Femi is an Entrepreneur and Achiever, Founder and Lead Designer at SMFWEB DESIGNS.

His portfolio include working as a Senior Analyst in the Telecoms industry.

He is focused, independent, loves setting personal goals and planning the best method to achieve them. Friends and colleagues call him "DEPENDABLE and RESPONSIBLE."

He bridges the technology gap for The Golden Team.

Akinsola Olayinka -

Cre-8-tive Director & Campaign Coordinator

Cre-8-tive Director and Campaign Coordinator

Akinsola Olayinka has been a graphics designer for more than a decade, and his portfolio ranges from small businesses to large global conglomerates.

When he is not moving pixels or shaping vectors, he is using his hands to make some wonderful drawings.

He is a strong believer in KAIZEN, and always looks to out-perform himself.

In addition, he helps aspiring creatives monetise their passions via workshops, master class programs, and books.

He ensures that all the graphics/visuals designed align with The Golden Team's vision.

Dr Leon Moss - Director of Global Communications & International Intrinsic Health Consultant

Dr. Leon Moss is a spiritual guide, healer and teacher of the Omniverse.

He studied with other spiritual leaders whose primary focus is the Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient self; I Am.

He is an excellent public speaker whose written and spoken communication is out of this world.

He is best known for speaking on subjects ranging from metaphysics, mysticism, and spirituality.

He has authored many educational and eye-opening books including Omniu, Discovering The Power Within You.

His life is dedicated to serving and guiding others. The Golden Team can't do without his WISE COUNSEL.

Daniel Raine - Global Technology Director (Front End Web Development & SEO) 

Daniel possesses a vast amount of TECH KNOWLEDGE he is a 'WHIZZ' in that SPACE.

 He works with Femi and supports us on the front end.

He bridges the technology gap for The Golden Team.

Master Class Programs

12 Week Authorpreneur's Masterclass Program

12 Week Authorpreneur's Masterclass Program for Corporate Mothers, Business Owners, 40 – 49

12 Week Transcendental Masterclass Program

Online courses in transcendental and mindfulness meditation as well as self-healing technique via proper breathing, chakra alignment, cellular cleansing, and regeneration.

Group and private video classes available.


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